Software for the graphic view of the wire tension and for the tensioner settings from external PC

LTR has developed a software for the graphic view of the trend of the wire tension in the winding phase.
This software can be used with all LTR wire tensioners of the LEM, LEMP, TBA, HERCULES, WAM, NEWTON series and with the TOTEM tensioner.
Through our software it is possible to view in real time the trend of the wire tension, save these data, print them and use them for qualitative purposes of production.
In addition to the graphic display, it is possible to carry out all the parameterisation commands of the wire tensioner, such as:
1) OFFSET and calibration of the load cell; 
2) Setting of the Min and Max alarms for the wire tension range required and their delays;
3) Max and Min current management for electromagnetic brakes (LEMP, TBA, HERCULES and NEWTON series);
4) Saving of programs set on an external PC and related upload;
5) PID management for "closed loop" wire tensioners (LEMP series and TBA).