Mechanical Tensioner with Frontal Wire Passage, 

Tension Viewer and Two Brakes 

Type LEM-5

LEM-5 tensioner can be used on all winding machines without changes on any software and/or hardware. It’s suitable for big copper wires. Thanks to its double breaks, the usable wires’ range is very wide. It can be used also for bifilar windings.

 Main Features:

  • Frontal wire passage to save space on the winding machine;
  • Gradual and progressive setting of the brake thanks to the control of the rod’s position;
  • Excellent response to coiling’s high speeds and acceleration;
  • Load cell and electronic control with wire tension viewer thanks to a LCD display
  • Software to set the load cell and the reading speed.


  • Mechanical version without display (PRA5);
  • Wire breakage signal;
  • Alarms box;
  • Software for the graphic view of the wire tension during coiling phase and to set the load cell.
lem5 listpng