Electronic Tensioners 

LEMP Series 

Type 2 - 3 - 4

LEMP tensioners are the evolution of mechanical tensioners with display LEM series.

Main Features:

  • Gradual and progressive setting of the brake thanks to “closed loop” technology, on load cell, for a constant wire tension during all the winding process;
  • Frontal wire passage to save space on winding machine;
  • Eccellent answer to accelerations and high speeds.
  • Rod controlled by an adjustable stretch spring;
  • Load cell and LCD display to read the wire tension in real time while winding;
  • Electromagnetic brake;
  • Software to set the load cell and the reading speed;
  • Setting of the wire tension range (minimum and maximum) with alarms;
  • External software to setting tensioner's parameters and to have a graphic about the wire tension's performance during the winding process.
  • Available in the following versions:
Brakes control in open loop;
Brakes control in closed loop;
Brakes control with 0-10V.
  • Highly customizable devices.


  • Wire breaking signal;
  • Alarm box with lights and/or buzzer.