Multiple Tensioner TOTEM

The system for the control of yarn tension called "TOTEM" (PATENT PENDING) arises from the need to reduce the waste of yarn resulting from a winding process during which the tension of the wires was not properly controlled. The preparation process of the yarns on the bobbins to be inserted then on braiding machines, did not provide a tension control. Therefore, the amount of wound yarn could vary from bobbin to bobbin. This entails a length difference between the bobbins mounted on the braiding machine which means a considerable yarn waste resulting from deferred end of each single bobbin.

TOTEM has been placed between the creel and the winding machine with a footprint of approximately 150x180cm. The extreme versatility of the product, however, allows to adapt it to all of customer volume requirements.

TOTEM, in fact can also be structured in a vertical manner in order to reduce the overall dimensions.

It comprises a frame and how many brakes will be the wires to be maintained in tension between the creel and winding machine.