About us

LTR was founded in 2013 by the will of the owner Emma Lutrario to continue, and to improve, family business that, for decades, had been operating in the field of electrical windings and electro-mechanical assemblies.

We started designing and assembling tensioners for winding machines using the experience as end users gained over the years. For this reason, today LTR can fulfill a variety of systems to control tension, not only for copper wires.

It’s possible to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements, offering versatile and efficient products with an excellent quality / price ratio.

A Company well organized ensures fast times of requests processing and an excellent after-sales service. Quality is never neglected, our products are all "Made in Italy". 

This makes LTR a reliable partner to solve any problem related to the control of the winding process.

Since October 2016, LTR has established close cooperation with Pigreco Progettazioni Meccaniche srl. This Company has decades of experience in engineering design, construction and assembly of special machines and/or products designed third parties. This cooperation lets us be able to better meet specific demands of our customers.

Since 2019, LTR has established another important cooperation with Grassi Trade srls (https://www.ltrtensioners.com/en/partnership)